In a pile of snot and phlegm. I'm sick as hell.

Felt like shit yesterday, thought I was just hungover beyond belief. When I kept feeling worse and couldn't, uh, breathe through my nose I realized I was, in fact, sick. Had a fever last night which seemed to break while I was sleeping based on my waking up in a massive puddle of my own sweat.

Ughhh. I feel like death. My cigarettes taste like sick. I can't find the NyQuil. All I want is a burrito. Trying to persuade my friend to drive us to Chipotle later to get burritos. Because obviously the best cure for being sick is a steak burrito and root beer!

Someone just come take me out back and shoot me. Like Old Yeller. Just bring me a burrito first. Please. And some NyQuil.