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Just leaving this here

If you're in the same boat as me and can't afford to donate right now, please just spread the word around about this unfortunate young man.


I'ma gonna copy and paste the full story from the link I was sent and I'm also gonna schedule this for Monday since I feel like more people will see it. So if I don't respond its because I'm at work.

Trying to get this on as many social media platforms as possible.

A Fight to Survive TBI: The Story of David On the Road to Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury.

August 24, 2012 drastically changed my life. What happened that evening has left David in a vegetative coma and I am desperate to save my son's life and future. David was pistol whipped, had his jaw broken and then his unconscious body was robbed. Though David regained consciousness, he was incoherent and rushed by ambulance to UMDNJ trauma center in Newark, New Jersey. It was there that he underwent emergency craniotomy surgery to alleviate the pressure from his swelling brain.

He is currently living in a sub-acute unit at a nursing home being fed via a gastric feeding tube. He is no longer entitled to physical therapy because he has shown no signs of progress. This means each day he lies in bed approximately 19 hours and sit in a wheelchair for 5 hours with no physical stimulation aside from being dressed and his diaper changed.

The importance behind physical therapy is that it will help him maintain his muscles and joints; to achieve his goal to attain flexibility, balance and coordination free from pain or suffering, so that he may lead a normal life again; performing all of his daily activities with minimal or no difficulty and without dependency. It can even help with his cardiopulmonary and neurological functions.

With prolonged treatment, it is possible for him to regain a large share, if not all of his mobility and it will improve his overall fitness and health.

David's survival depends on continued physical and mental stimulation therapies which most insurances are not willing to fund long term. The lack of such treatment poses a direct threat to David's ability to return to a life that extend beyond sitting in front of a television for hours on end in a nursing home. He deserves better.

His recovery is destined to be a long and arduous one, with no guarantees. But in order for him to have that chance, he needs, aside from a miracle, funds for aggressive physical therapy, a private neurologist and a specially designed vehicle for myself to accommodate his wheel chair.

Please join my family in our fight to get David the medical and physical treatment he needs. The amount we are now trying to raise is just the beginning for David and we could use your support. Thank you!


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