Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Bad news everywhere. A total shitshow. At least in my little corner. Is it just me?

My officemate's beloved dog died after two weeks of questions and diminishing hope.

My cousin's husband — the sole breadwinner — went to work the other day to find the doors closed. No COBRA, unemployment is abysmally low (he made a very, very good living in a specialized field but the industry is set up so he would have to start at the bottom elsewhere). Two young kids, too.


My friend's long-term boyfriend ended things with her out of the blue. For the second time. She just bought a bigger bed for the both of them!

My own very sad thing happened in my family. And on my husband's birthday, of all days (I can't talk about it yet. Yes, everyone will be fine.)

And we might get some snow tonight. In mid-April. In Maryland.

Is it the blood moon? Is this lady right?! What the hell is going on?

If you're doing well, good for you. but just in case, I suggest you maybe keep a low profile and occasionally duck for no reason.


Me? I'm dangerously close to this:

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