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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just My Luck

I got a call today from one of the top 5 districts in MA. I would have loved to taken the interview, but know that I'd probably have to turn the job down as I accepted another job.

When I called the dept head, she was upset. Her principal was supposed to start the process weeks ago and didn't—-instead expecting her to do while she was on vacation. She did however, invite me to apply again because she really likes my resume and knows people I've worked with. I mean, I like this school, but I'm hoping the school I worked at this year will have an 8th grade position next year so am just spinning my wheels.


I mean, I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway, right? This is the 3rd time this has happened this year. But I'm sooo paranoid I won't get a job that I take the first one offered. This fucked me up 6 years ago. I accepted a position I hated and quit in November, thereby fucking me for a few years because I had to take an LTS, which turned into 3 years of LTSing (at a regular salary, thankfully

Ugh. How's everyone else's luck?

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