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Just One More Terrifying Thing About the UCSB Shooting

Elliot Rodger did not learn those ideas from his parents.

From his "manifesto":


There's something terrifying to me about this case. That you can raise a kid to respect women. That you can see your kid struggling and hire psychiatrists, psychologists, and social skills counselors for him. That you can pull him out of schools where he's bullied. That you can give him every advantage you can think of, enroll him in private schools, take him travelling around the world with you, teach him how to swing on his own and drive a car. And yet all of that love and good intentions isn't enough. You raise a mass murderer anyway.

I spent all morning reading this man's 140-page excuse. And I came out of it filled with so much compassion for his parents. Because God, how they did try, not that the little shit realized it.

His manifesto read that he wanted to kill his stepmother and his younger half-brother, because he couldn't stand to live with the idea that his brother might outshine him.

His own mother called the cops on him, because she was terrified of what he might do.


I know we need to talk about guns. But we also need to talk about how to deal with a person who is clearly circling the drain. Because, unlike Adam Lanza and the Newtown shooting, I'm not sure there's anything more the parents could have done here.

But honestly, I think the most terrifying idea of this whole thing is, to me, that you can raise a kid with all the love, advantages, and right lessons, and he can still turn into a monster. That's not the way these things are supposed to work.

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