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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just ordered a new computer! SO EXCITED

I got hired/independently contracted by the company I already work for to do what my actual schooling was for - architectural work! This means I have a new found need to actually have ap ersonal computer that will...work.


Because of general squalor, I have a sneaking suspicion my laptop is on its deathbed.

  • It runs really hot. I have cleaned it out but it's getting so bad I don't like to rest my wrists on it when I am working.
  • Oh and I also spilled wine on it once and the buttons are slowly not working anymore. Most importantly, this includes the power button. So if the power goes out...bye bye.
  • Crafts injuries: It has glitter all over it, a part of the plastic casing that started to melt because I rested a hot glue gun on it, paint splatters on the screen.

This is why I don't buy expensive laptops.

It's time. It's been 4 years and I've rode it hard. Oddly enough, she has never malfunctioned in any way - except the graphics card crashes every once in a while and it seems to be weak picking up a wireless signal (like, when my iPad or other computers can get one, it can't). But she's been good to me.


Previously, I figured I'd just use my iPad and order a new one when I had money, if it dies, but now I am relying on it so I figured I need to get ahead of it. AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT I WANT IT NOW. I even splurged for next day shipping because of sheer impatience.

I got a really good deal on one that looks, statistically, like it will do exactly what I need it to and more. Bless you, Newegg, and the GTers that showed me the way. I needed fairly good memory, fairly good graphics card, and the biggest screen, and that's what I found.


Mr. Lover is like, "just get your boss to buy you one" but I want one that is mine. Also they're just going to either make me get a Mac because they are avid fanboys (I DON'T WANT TO USE A MAC) or whatever is lying around their office. NOPE THIS IS MINE!

Plus I get to write it off on my taxes next year anyway.


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