Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

First, the recipe as I usually make it. Feeds two-four, see part three

Oil or bacon drippings

Two thick boneless pork chops, cubed (approx 450 gr, 1lb)

One large onion, cut in large chunks like for stew

2 tsp dried sage leaf (not ground)

One 398ml/14 oz can of peach chunks in juice, not syrup.

Preheat your oven to 300F. Heat the fat in a frypan, brown the pork, turn down heat, add onions and cook until they’re translucent. Rub the sage slightly in the palm of your hand (breaks it up and tells you if you have stems to remove) and sprinkle it across the pork. Dump this in a casserole with the peaches and pop it in the oven for an hour, serve on rice to absorb all the juices.


Part two:the caveats

You can use any cut of pork. You can use chicken thighs, cubed or still on the bone. Don’t use fish!


You could dredge your meat in flour or cornstarch for a thicker sauce.

You can adjust the amount of onion, or add in garlic.

You can use fresh minced sage. Or poultry seasoning. Or even another herb, like savoury or thyme. You can add salt and pepper.


You can substitute fresh peaches. You can use peach slices or halves.

Part Three: the story

I hate when blogs tell a long story about food and make me scroll down forever to the recipe, but I love how I came to invent this, so I put that story here:

It was just a regular week night and I had planned to make a salad, bread and two bbq’d pork chops for dinner. Nothing special. Then T’other called and told me he’d run into an old friend in town for the day, and had invited her for a potluck dinner. So I had to stretch, and all I had on hand was a can of peaches. So I cut up the chops and I started inventing this dish.


Then he called and told me his friend had her husband with her. So I increased the amount of rice I was making. Finally, they all showed up with a six-year-old child! I put some green beans on to cook and thawed some brownies I had in the freezer .

Five of us dined on those two pork chops, with lots of rice, green beans, salad and bread, and we forgot dessert until almost 9pm. And none of my unexpected guests felt like they had made me stretch my meal.


Editted: I love this idea!

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