Howdy all.
I had to bail on groupdrink to do IRL drink with ManWombat. We went to a bar around the corner from our place for supper and lo and behold, who am I looking at from my seat? My asshole, abusive ex!
Have you ever had the experience of looking at someone and thinking, "No, that couldn't be them," and then they look weirdly foreign to you? I wasn't sure at first it was him. But then I saw the way he played with his goatee, and touched his face, propped his chin on his knuckle and it was like his face literally changed into the person I had slept next to for six years. Luckily he left shortly after out arrival, and I turned away and payed all my attention to ManWombat.
I know he saw me, and honestly I am glad. I was so fucking happy, sitting on that couch with my boyfriend, watching the hockey game and loving life. But that didn't stop the shakes.

Do you guys have these people? The ones you pretend don't exist?
ETA: I think this calls for Fuck you gif!