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It was if some producer saw "Black Swan" and thought "You know what this needs? More men."

It's about a person starting to slip mentally due to the pressure of a career-defining leading role whose weakening grip on reality is exacerbated by the presence of a new costar who is innately more talented. Their mental instability is defined by visions of a bird/human figure. It all comes to a head at the opening night of their performance where they are recognized as creative geniuses, but they kill themselves as the line between fiction and reality finally disappears.

To top it off, the artistic endeavor in Birdman is way less interesting and beautiful. I walked out of Black Swan wanting to see more ballet. My only thoughts about the play in Birdman was that if I were in New York and that was playing, I'd rather just go for a walk.


The acting was good, but how is this movie getting such rave reviews when it's obviously such a complete ripoff* of a recent award-winning OTHER movie?

Oh yeah. Now men are starring.

(*I know Black Swan itself was similar in many ways to the anime Perfect Blue, but the differences were much more pronounced, and I doubt most audiences would have seen it. Plus, the director had previously purchased the rights to Perfect Blue.)

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