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Just Saw The Hobbit. I'm Officially over the Concept of Fandom.

It was enjoyable. That's all I'll say here on the quality of the movie. I want to talk instead about something else. About fandom. About fucking stupid people in fandoms, specifically, and why I can no longer get into something to the point of feeling like I'm part of a "fandom." It's a good thing.

So, for those who have seen the Desolation of Smaug, you may have noticed a place called Laketown. It's in Middle Earth. There was an extra in Laketown, a black woman. There was another. A black man. What's the problem?


If you guessed people complaining about political correctness! or the fact that Tolkien based Middle Earth on Northern European myth so why are there black people at all?! or anything that amounts to a stupid fucking racist answer, you win!

Like here: Scroll down until you see the words political correctness crop up. The third post says 'diversity for diversity's sake.' Fifteenth begins whining about political correctness.


Good times.

Some kind of review for the movie by a magazine called Alternative Right.

AlternativeRight.com is an online magazine dedicated to heretical perspectives on society and culture—popular, high, and otherwise—particularly those informed by radical, traditionalist, and nationalist outlooks.

For some reason, likely a "racist" one, this lone Black extra is cast in the Middle Earth equivalent of Detroit – Laketown (eerily evocative of Motown). For all their focus on aesthetic quality, this team of Kiwi filmmakers had to eventually cave in to the forces of political correctness, who have been crusading for a rainbow Middle Earth since the release ofThe Lord of the Rings trilogy a decade ago. No doubt this token Black will only wet the appetites of the Multicult and accusations of even deeper levels of racism are sure to follow this act of appeasement. Say a prayer of thanks that filming is complete for the Hobbit series and gird yourself for Hollywood's adaptation of The Silmarillion.


Stay classy, right-wingers.

Even on an otherwise generally quite good forum - Scroll down for Jayngfet talking about how Laketown is weird for having black people.


It's the same thing as happened when Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall in Thor. Or when illiterate racists gnashed teeth and wailed at Rue being black in the Hunger Games. These people derail discussion. They cause things like Google autofill putting 'black' or 'asian' as most likely completions to the phrase "Is Twilight Sparkle."

I'm through with it. Shipping wars, racist stupidity, stupidity in general. What the hell is wrong with people? Why does it bother you that there are two black people in Laketown who don't even get lines? Why is the existence of a black person so jarring to your sense of verisimilitude? Is it because you care that much about the integrity of the racial makeup of a fictional trading center where people of all races are likely to mingle, settle, and interact? It can't be, because that would suggest you are stupid and racist. Is it because you know that this is a story about Europe, and there have never, ever been non-white people in Europe? That can't be it either, because it also suggests you are stupid and racist. Is it because nobody in Middle Earth was ever specified to be black and the default is white? That's not it - that would make you stupid and racist. Is it because you're stupid and racist? That can't be it - you've never called a black person 'nigger' where they could hear you, or burned a cross in their yard, which obviously means you're not racist.


Because they're racists, my gif friend. Because they're racists.

Fuck it, I'm done with fandom.

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