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Our department has been down a person for almost 2 months now and the extra work has mostly gone to myself and my supervisor. The third person in our department is a lovely woman who started here as a volunteer, after retiring from her previous job, and is now a part-time employee. And I like her a lot as a person but as a coworker I am really starting to lose patience with her.

There are a lot of things that are basic functions of our job that she doesn’t know how to do - mainly she has no idea how to work our ticketing system and all that extra work ends up being my responsibility. It’s annoying, but whatever. But she’s constantly forgetting to ask me to go into the system to take care of issues and just assumes I know what she needs me to do. This happened twice today. First I needed to email event tickets to a couple of journalists who she’d never confirmed with me were coming. Then we realized we needed 40 tickets for something and only had 10 because she only discussed 10 with me. And then it turned into a whole confrontation with our theater manager and she just fucking threw me under the bus like “Well, bel hadn’t put all our tickets in yet.” NO! YOU DIDN’T ASK ME TO! I AM NOT A MIND READER! I know it’s not on purpose, it’s forgetfulness, but this has happened a few times now where she forgets something and then puts it on me.

I feel bad because she’s 80 and she’s super nice but this is not ok in general, much less when I’m already doing the job of 2 people.

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