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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just some thoughts (thank wine)

Ten thoughts. Please share your own, even if you don’t have ten.

1) I’m from Colorado and I do like beer, but the past few days in California have reminded me I really do prefer beer.


2) tonight I went to a really nice restaurant in town, and it’s been the first time since I was here in town that as a white lady I’ve been in the racial majority. It’s made men confront some things in myself, even if I’m still not quite sure what they are...i think they are important.

3) Apparently the smell of rotting seaweed is to beach people what the smell of the spring thaw is to me.


4) why are men? I thought I was just having a nice chat with the guys sitting next to me at the bar...until the guy with a wedding ring gave me his room number.

5) Too bad he had a wedding ring.. Because the wine and men I’ve been talking to have made me realize how much I want some good sex.


6) my ex-boyfriend/ complicated situation who died a few year ago’s mom just got in touch with me. I’m always glad to hear from her.... But it also always sends me into a weird mental place. I feel like I need to talk to someone, hit it is also a hard thing to try and discuss with outside people.

7) I kind of have a crush on one of my friends. But, I’m not physically attracted to them at all, so... I don’t know.


9) My calorie tracking app was pleased my margarita had a lot of Vitamin C and my chocolate cake helped me reach my protein goals. I appreciate the positivity! I will miss vacation eating....especially since my whole “healthy eating and exercising”, isn’t showing any sort of fnclear results yet. I know it takes time, but I want something... More energy, better fitting clothes, workouts being asked er... Something!

10) I know the roots are patriaeand misogynistic, but there is something nice about being on an Air Force Base and all the clear rules about who goes through a door first, who goes in line first, etc. I don’t like the imbalace, but I like clear protocol that avoids confusion and people dancing around trying to figure out who goes first, who holds the door, etc.

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