PSA though - in case you want to follow my dark path - all Tarte powder blushes and highlighters are on sale for $14 at Ulta right now. Oh, and pro-tip for some reason when you click that link they don’t show ALL the blushes they have on sale. There’s a whole ‘Naughty Nude’ collection that Ulta thought it could hide from me.

In my defense, I’ve been waiting for this day since the sale began. And I’ve been good by not buying anything else. Even though that Lorac palette was reeeally tempting. As were the buxom glosses. And the Becca primer. I think all my resistance backfired tonight though. I was only going to buy a backup for my HG color, and get one of their highlighters. But then I swatched them all in store today...and idk now I have 2 new highlighters and 5 blushes. Damn it.

Anyone else go overboard with any purchases lately?