...from Little Caesar's...

I ate the whole damn thing. I ate a caesar salad too. I may have eaten the whole thing at once 'cause I maaaay be emotionally eating. Maybe.

It's just been an interesting 2 weeks. I treated myself so many times this week. I know it's ok to do that, but yeah I just need to be careful money-wise more than anything else.

I feel happy today and last night I had a good night. I went out with this guy I went out with last year one time, so we reconnected through CL. We went to this bar and we had some awesome burgers and I had some kind of pear beer (cider or whatever that's called). Then we played darts and I won, 'cause I'm awesome. Oh, they also had the Mortal Kombat arcade game there so I obviously had to play that. Overall, it was a pretty good night that I kinda needed 'cause I needed to go out and talk to someone new (well mostly new).

I just feel uneasy about certain things still, but overall I guess things may be getting better. What are y'all up to today?