Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

And the jubilant relief is palpable. I want to give some thanks here where it's due.

Battle -Ax Shitass - thank you for letting me interview you for one of my course assignments.


Fluterdale and all y'all who gave me music recommendations for the past 24 hours so that I could power through the home stretch.
Only Fluter gets mentioned by name because she is our Resident Music Boss.

I forget what else and who else, but thanks for being a supportive outlet for my voice this term, even though you never realized that that's what you've been to me.


I'm sitting on my best friends' back porch now, still dressed posh as fuck from my presentation earlier, drinking Blanton's bourbon on the rocks and breathing deeply for the first time since May. I just need a Black 'n Mild to make my night complete.

Fuck it, I'm headed to Walgreen's to get some.

Love & peace, y'all.
-Erudita the Triumphant

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