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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just threw out a bunch of stuff in the refridgerator

That was a year or two expired. I've only lived in this apartment for a few months, I don't really think a lot of the stuff in the fridge is getting used, I keep tossing moldy things when I find them. I generally buy groceries once or twice a week and use up about everything I buy, the rest would be spices, oils, vinegar and stuff. I threw out a lot of stuff today though, is that rude of me? I sent my roommates a text letting them know I threw out a bunch of stuff and to let me know if they'd like me to replace anything. I always feel a bit self conscious being the one who binge cleans like this. Because it's just something I compulsively have to do. I need the place where I eat to be clean or I will not eat. I'm over thinking, I'm also feeling accomplished because there's finally room on the fridge door for things and that has been driving me crazy!

There were two bottles of syrup, five different mustards, an empty jar of olives, five cartons of eggs with varying amounts of eggs remaining that had been there for over a month, three different salsas, etc.


In other food news, I'm going to try an elimination diet. The acne on my back has gotten ridiculously embarrassing to the point where I would rather sweat my ass off in layers than take off my sweater when wearing a mostly backless dress (and all the dresses out there lately seem to be backless) I'm on a retinoid from my dermatologist for the scarring but if my problem is mostly hormonal, it's something I need to deal with internally. Basically I'm going to try to eliminate sugar, dairy, meat, and gluten and maybe eventually peanut oil and coffee but we'll see. So basically I'll be eating vegetables for a while and see if that has an effect on my skin. If it doesn't then I'll just be starving myself for no damn reason. Seriously, if you don't hear from me, I've probably withered away into nothingness. Send emergency cookies if that happens.

Greyjoy out.

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