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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just want to point something out...

When Milo Yolopiss defended pedophilia, he was basically ex-communicated from the conservative movement.

But Nugent...who has raped little girls, bragged about it openly, even WROTE FUCKING SONGS ABOUT IT, oh he’s welcomed to the White House by President Tang.


Keep in mind these are the same conservative men who are just SO TERRIFIED of transgender women raping little girls in public restrooms.

So what’s that mean? Oh, right. It’s ok to rape little girls if you’re a straight white conservative man.


Also they think it’s ok to rape little girls. Boys are completely off limits though. I mean, they’re going to grow up to be men. Gotta protect them. Girls...well they probably wanted it cause all women are born sluts.

Can you die from being overwhelmed by hypocrisy? I may not make it to the weekend.

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