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I watched all of the interview, and it got me thinking. I'm sure it's been said, but I keep thinking about Harry Potter. The great evil thing was trying to squash ideas and keep others in its world of hate, and it attacked an educational institution. Its great foe was a student. And I'm sure I've seen the movies too much, but at its core, the series is about an organization of hate stopping the education of others, and the teaching of tolerance and independent thought. And here's this girl, in real life, standing on the highest platform (international media and publishing), speaking out about the benefits of education for all. It's incredible. This is yet another reason I adore fantasy storytelling, because I now see this girl, amassing her friends, preparing to take down the hate. And I have hope that it's possible.

Does anyone know, has Oprah scheduled an interview with her yet? Because Oprah's love of education would give them LOADS of things to talk about, and I would watch that all day.

Also, please don't say I'm crazy for seeing the parallels between Malala and Harry Potter. I know it's nuts, but I think it's been established that I watch waaaaayyyy too much tv, and after comparing the world to Game of Thrones (for its unending misery) after the Trayvon Martin verdict, or maybe it was the defeat of the gun control measures? Either way, I was encouraged to find a hopeful positive.


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