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Great movie, and I'm trying hard not to let this bug me, but Lenka's song "The Show" wasn't released until 2008. The movie takes place in 2002. I know the lyrics work for the movie, but there's lots of songs, released before 2003, with just as valid lyrics. Is this movie trying to say that Billy Beane's daughter IS Lenka?!? If so, I did not know that. I know I'll forgive it eventually, but ish like that really bugs me. Music can be the thing that grounds a story in a particular time. In the 2001 ALDS (which begins the movie), Jeter played inspired baseball. It was the series that included The Flip…

and also The Faceplant (wherein he dove head first into the third row of seats to chase a baseball. He came up bloodied, but he got the out. Sorry, the internet seems to have lost the video). It was a very specific time in the world, with very specific memories, and very specific music. It was the autumn of 9/11 and there was no beating the Yankees. The popular music of the time hadn't yet gone the route of the singer/songwriter, which is what Lenka was. We were just starting a war with Afghanistan and finding a reason to attack Iraq. I know, I know, artistic license and whatnot, but still.

I figure the Grammar Police in my brain spawned itself a friend, the Historical Music Police.