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Just what I needed today, a reminder...

That as long as I’m a woman, it doesn’t matter how good I am at something, I’m wrong because women. (Fair warning: this is about video games, and has a lot of background)

I play this MMO where, I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m second in command of a guild that does the most difficult content in the game. The guild leader is a woman as well. Both of us have been in charge of the endgame content, which requires organization of 100+ people and if it’s done incorrectly, everyone will die, losing tons of money and time and faith in the leadership.


This dude in our guild, I’ll call him Sam, has been doing a little leading of his own in events that run outside of our guild - usually 20-30 people. Most of those events fail because of his leadership; he doesn’t tell people what to do at all, so everyone spreads out, has no direction, and gets picked off one by one. Today the guild leader and I were in a raid he was running and watched people getting picked off. I suggested he direct the raid to group up so we could fight off the few enemies. I suggested he tell the whole raid to turn and fight the enemies, so we could kill them quickly and get back to the goal at hand. He said nothing. The guild leader finally told him to “lead the damn raid” and he ragequit. This is all fine.

We continue the discussion of why we were criticizing him in guild chat, explaining that the people would listen if he just told them to do something, anything. He goes on a tirade about how we don’t lead things. Then he tells us that it doesn’t matter what he says because even though we’re wrong, we’ll always think we’re right because we’re women.


Good to know that no matter what the guild leader and I do, no matter what we lead or what knowledge we have, we’re just women who will always think we’re right even if we’re wrong.

We told him how disgusting that was and he left the guild, only to apologize 10 minutes later with a sob story about how his dad was sexist and he promised never to be that way and the only reason he thought it was okay was because a girl said it yesterday and “if i said anything sexist im sorry” and my guild leader relents and allows him back in the guild. I don’t think I want to participate in his damn events anymore.

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