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Just When I Thought Commenters Couldn't Get Dumber

... they prove me wrong. I wrote a comment on Greg Howard's post "America Is Not For Black People" in which I seconded his point about how white open-carry advocates can walk into a Chipotle with rifles and nobody cares, but black folks and other POC get shot because they're reaching/holding wallets, phones, or nothing at all.

What follows is a small selection of the ridiculously racist comments I got in response. Much Dumb. Wow.

Racism exists only in the head of a racist...

LOL, so clearly, when I've been told to "Go home, chink!", it wasn't actually racism — it was all in my head. Got it.


could it also be because 3% of the American population (black males) commit 70% of the violent crime?

I asked the commenter behind this one to cite his sources, and naturally, he never replied. Probably because he sourced it from up his ass, and not the FBI (which actually shows that, as a racial group, whites commit far more violent crime than blacks - 59.4% vs 38.3%).


So these hypothetical "persons of color" (offensive term, perhaps you can use "persons with deeper pigmentation"). Are they speaking English in a clear and concise manner without using profanity? Do they have a tidy appearance? Are taking great care in the volume of their conversations as not to disturb others? Are they arriving without listening to music that glorifies domestic violence/misogyny/murder/gang affiliation/gratuitous drug use? Are they practicing basic firearms safety (keeping barrel pointed in a safe direction at all times, finger off of the trigger, etc.)? Do the weapons appear to be clean and well cared for?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes for the majority of the group, they would be welcomed with all of their weapons in my establishment, and they would be given a 10% discount for increasing the security of my establishment during their patronage.


... Wow, so many things wrong with this. Way to use common stereotypes about black folks and other POC to make a point that you're not a racist.

Also, POC being a racist term? LAWL.


OC are shooting each other at an alarming rate, white people aren't. That is the difference.


Wow, *nobody* has ever made this argument before. It's not like 84% of the white people killed every year are killed by other white people. Oh, wait. Even *if* the commenter is right, that makes exactly ZERO fucking difference when it comes to institutional racism.


So, in summary, if these people would like to talk about racism like grown-ups, they should think critically and try to actually understand and use real facts instead of the ones sourced from their own asses before they do so.

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