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Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

Let me introduce you to Casey Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins has decided, nobly, that part of her goal in life is to help people become more comfortable and accepting of the vulva.

However, her chosen method of doing so is to do the following:

1) Insert wool skeins up her vagina

2) Pull the wool skein out of her vagina and knit with it as it comes out

3) Do this in her art gallery as a public performance (please see gif above, paying special attention to what I think are casts of vulvas lining the walls?)


Her concept is that by normalizing the vulva (hey, she's just sittin there with it right on out, knitting), she's encouraging body acceptance. She also chose knitting not because she has an obsession with shoving the world's scratchiest substance up her hoo-ha, but because she likes the symbolism of "Linking the vulva with something people do find warm and fuzzy and benign and boring, I hope people question fears and negative associations they have with the vulva."

I don't know what to think!! On the one hand, I agree with promoting acceptance of lady parts! I like the idea of tying together something is normally hyper sexualized like the vulva and tying it together with something that is hypo sexualized, like knitting. (Note: I personally find the knitting of all GTers very sexy, but you know, people!)

On the other hand, every part of me gloms up at the idea of shoving wool up your cooter and slowly pulling it out. What on earth is this telling me about accepting my vulva and parts? I am not grossed out by my lady fluids or period blood or vagina, but I don't see what having a knitted scarf that's been soaked in them really does for the cause. Can't she just... sit on the wool? naked? Make it look like it's coming up within her? Am I not a true believer?

I'm also sincerely curious about the practical aspect. Wool, even when it's soft is, uh, absorbent. It seems like it might get painful? It's also not very hygenic - there has got to be some sort of yeast or BV type situation going on some how! And what about pH levels? The vagina's naturally acidic; is that wearing away at the wool and it's fibers??


I... I just don't know. Is finding this a bit too much a reasonable human impulse, or am I falling victim to patriarchal brain washing?? I feel like there might be more effective ways to try to promote these ideals!

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