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Justice League A Few Thoughts None Good massive spoilers








1) I loved the old Justice League comics but where the HELL was J’onn J’onnz? Do you see Cyborg on the cover of the first Justice League meeting? Nope. The one who played Cyborg’s father would have been perfect for the role. He is thousands of years old the flashback to the first war could have featured him in his Martian appearance.


I can understand not having the Green Lantern but J’onnz no. I would have scrapped the Cyborg storyline and make J’onnz a scientist as well as the guardian of the third box plus have him say he had numerious careers including a cop. I think we need a Martian Manhunter cop show set during the JSA era.

2. Am I the only one who when first seeing the Wasp villian say “oh cool one of Killer Moth’s henchman”.


3. I kind of wish Etta Candy was the one who contacted Wonder Woman. Remember in the comics the original Etta Candy moved in with the Amazons to live much longer. They must have known about television because that would have been the only way for WW to know about the fire. Having Etta there would explain their knowledge

4. Is it me or did Ben Affleck seem disengaged from the movie. His acting was too over the top and seemed like he wishes he was not there. His acting ticked me off.


5. Is Flash the TV series, The Arrow and Gotham set in a different universe. I always suspected Gotham was set in the World where Bruce and Selina married and their daughter was Helena Wayne.

6. There is mention of other Gods Steppenwolf wanted to join the other Gods yet Lucifer another DC show clearly sets the world as being Monotheistic.


7. Wow Aquaman was actually useful. How long can he spend on land? It used to be one hour. Now it seems as long as he wants.

8. I still prefer Namor far, far more then Aquaman. We need a Namor movie. Never understood why he has not been featured in a past Marvel movie.


9. A nice Easter Egg in the flashback battle scene it would have been nice seeing Lucifer or Maze fighting against Steppenwolf.

10. Steppenwolf knows English quite well but uses an axe? Hmm. You get to know the language, you are a warrior but uses an axe? Learning English means not learning weaponry words?

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