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I enjoy Grace Randolph’s videos her explanations is quite good. I am not doubting her math it seems right but I do not understand the conclusion WB is making.

I saw the video twice.

Justice League costs $150 million to make.

Worldwide .projections seems to max out at. $650 million. With US about $230 million.


My math 650 minus 150 is 500 million. That’s half a billion dollars.

Yet the projections was $700 to $750 million.

The projections were off by 50 to 100 million. But you cannot call that a loss since you never had that money to start with.


It would be like buying a lamp at a thrift shop for five dollars and you take it home and see it listed in ebay for $100. Yet on ebay you see same item had sold for $30. So you take it to resell at a group shop and put $40 after a month you reduce it to $30 and it sells. You would say “I made $25". No one would say “I lost $75" or “I lost $10".

So WB saying JL failed when making for profit $500 million is math that must be Hollywood math. $500 million means three more blockbuster movies and a low budget Oscar bait movie.


I am nit doubting Grace’s math or how she interprets what WB will say it seems mindboggling that making $500 million means a $50 to $100 loss all due to speculative projections.

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