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Justin Trudeau's actual Mom is awesome.

So 60 minutes got it wrong and that’s funny, but I feel like a moment is being missed here, because Margaret Trudeau is a really awesome lady. She’s full of clever and compassionate quotes and she’s an amazingly eloquent mental health advocate who suffered for many years with undiagnosed mental illness.

Any summary I offer of her life would only be half the story. She married young and ended up a PMs wife, talked publicly about her nervous breakdown and went on tour with the Rolling Stones. She crashed the stage at an official state meeting in Mexico to give a speech on women’s rights. She decided to join the Canadian press corps for a day. She lived a life that is entirely her own, despite all the struggles her mental illness caused her at times.


So yes, there are people who remember her scandals and her affairs and resent her for it, but she’s an incredible, tenacious woman. Margaret Trudeau would be Samantha Jones’ patronus.

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