Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We keep our heat soop doop low bc I am cheap as all get out. So Beau WHO IS A MAN Carlos was chilly-willy today. I said "I will light candles!" He said "Forsooth! Waste not your energy! The lighting is in vain! Come back, dear Bingo, and hand to me the BIC!" But I set forth, lighting candle upon candle until they numbered 14. *

And Behold! Whilst our thermostat readeth "59", the interior temp readeth "63"! Because candles are fire and fire is heat! Now go forth and tell your breathren! Wherefore you find cold, let ye light 14 candle— NAY! 17! we found 3 more— and dispel the cold where you will.


*This got weird quick. I blame ketosis and champagne. And Obama, for good measure. And Burt with her new Overlord powers.

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