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Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian or Something

Random, but I was reading the Kotaku piece on the Kim Kardashian game and this quote popped out at me.

But as Samantha Allen writes over at The Daily Dot, "It's not that Kardashian doesn't work; it's that her work is not recognized as legitimate within a sexist world that sees feminine culture and lifestyle as frivolous pursuits undeserving of any serious attention."


This perfectly encapsulates how I feel about her. She works her ass off. (Or back on, depending on which rumors you believe) and I find it very difficult to believe that the constant barrage of "she's only famous because of a sex tape!" isn't just straight demeaning and anti-feminist. There's LOTS to criticize about her, (seriously, so much) but her work ethic isn't it.

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