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Karma Strikes Toy Story Bully, Becomes Lowly Garbage Man

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This image has been making the rounds on Facebook recently, in which someone noticed that the toy wrecking bully of Toy Story, Sid, is seen as a garbage man in the last film.


I don't really know what to make of it. I guess I should preface that I really enjoyed all three Toy Story movies. The third one I watched in an empty theater with one of my buddies and it was literally one of my favorite movie watching experiences ever. But I'm not really sure what they are going for when they made Sid a garbage man, while the boy who owns Woody and friends is off on his way to College State University or wherever. My initial reaction to seeing the photo was, "Oh cool, he got a job with the city. Good for him." But based on a lot of the comments it seems people are taking this as karmic comeuppance for how Sid treated the toys earlier. Like, its poetic justice that now he has to pick up trash.

I would suspect that the people at Pixar are a very privileged lot. It takes a lot of resources to make it through college, let alone private art schools. Maybe this is wrong, and I can't say what was in their heads when they made this, but it seems like they would be the type of people that would find garbage collecting the boobie prize of jobs, and a joke. I know a lot of kids don't aspire to grow up to be garbage collectors, but its not a bad job and absolutely essential, and work someone can be proud of. I dunno, I was mostly wondering your guys' takes on this.

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