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Kasich Signed AntiChoice Bill Takes Language To New Level

The law is called Down Syndrome Nondiscrimination Act. A title like that you would think it would be about not denying them access to businesses or housing etc. Nope. If a woman has her fetus tested and its determined the fetus has Down Syndrome an abortion is now illegal.

You would think fiscal conservatives would want abortions when the fetus has Down Syndrome. One would think since abortion is legal fiscal conservatives would say “yeah ok”. Even Sarah Palin consisdered aborting her Down Syndrome fetus. You would think conservatives would say “CHiPs is holding bya thread, it costs more to educate Down Syndrome, as adults most likely they will be on entitlements all their lives, well abortion is legal aborting Down Syndrome should be encouraged.”. Nope.


Sorry do not call yourself a conservative especially not a fiscal conservative and be ok with this bill. This is a ploy to feed the religious right Fetus Worshippers especially Fox News Viewers and get their vote.

This is also again the culling of women’s control of their body. This again pushes the religious rights belief women who want abortions are sinful women whose needs are secondary to the fetus.

Now I regret thinking Kasich would be better then Trump he would be just as bad in other ways although probably less likely to believe “what good are nuclear weapons if you don’t use them”.

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