So I've spent the last several months thinking that this will be the year that I indulge in a designer bag with the intention of it lasting at least ten years.

I've also had the intention of doing extensive research on designer bags, especially not-famous but still expensive brands. Like my mom bought this leather purse 10 years ago for about $400, that is still in gorgeous shape, but it's some brand I've never heard of.

Kate Spade is having a big sale, and now I'm tempted to get one of her purses.

OR the umbrella, because I do need an umbrella, and this one is so cute.

Does anyone have any experience with Kate Spade stuff? Especially things from the outlet stores? Like will it last long enough to be worth the price?


I don't want to spend money on a label. I want to spend money on something that will last a fair amount of time.