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However, Cruise, 51 is now gearing up for a $50million defamation case against Bauer Media - contesting their magazine's claims that he abandoned Suri, his daughter with Katie.

And if it goes to trial - as his lawyer states - Katie, 34, could be called to the stand.

Katie - who spent Thanksgiving on Thursday in Ohio with her family and seven-year-old Suri - will have no issue with this, sources connected with the case tell MailOnline, saying she will be happy to get the chance to speak freely about their marriage and split.

A source said: 'Katie has been dignified, she has got her life back together following her divorce from Tom and is devoted to Suri, who's the only person who matters to her.

'But if this case comes to court, Katie could be deposed and this means she could have to reveal details about her marriage - but to be honest, this is her chance to speak openly and she'll be happy to do it.'


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And you think it'd be all about maybe a secret marriage contract or some embarrassing Scientology secrecy or maybe just how Tom is weird. Like Troy Maclure type weird. But I bet she wants vengeance for this outfit. And I bet Tom put her up to it. I mean, what's going on there? The black velvet poofy pants. The incongruous lace accents. Those uncomfortable shoes. No jacket when it LOOKS COLD. And all while Tom is like supercomfy. He's like "I'm comfly and fleecy and Kate even has to wear a thong." That fucker. He'll claim that he does it for fashion because at OT VIII, he can't even feel cold but he's just being a douche like a guy claiming he doesn't know how to make sandwiches. Get 'em Kate. FUCK HIM IN THE EAR.

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