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Anyone else listening/watching?

The first hour+ has been an absolute zoo.

So much unprecedented stuff going on, and a hearing unlike anything I’ve EVER heard for a USSC seat.


This is NOT normal, and it’s extremely worrisome, as someone who’s geek enough to have listened to quite a few Judicial Committee hearings:

Among the MANY issues is the fact that last night at 11-ish pm, there was a document dump of 40,000+ pages...


Grassley (the Committee chair) is claiming that “The Republicans had plenty of time to read these documents,” while the Dems are (reasonably, imo) complaining that it’s too much info for them & their staffers to accurately read—as one of the D committee members explained, “That would mean reading more than 7000 pages per hour.”


Buckle up, it’s gonna be bumpy. This is 100% NOT the normal order, no matter WHAT Grassley & the Republicans are claiming. This is even crazier than the Garland/Gorsuch mess.

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