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KBO CEO Jeffrey Mezger Hurls Vicious Profanities At Kathy Griffin Then Says "Its not who I am"

Also Kathy it seemed was not the one who made the call to police but her boyfriend. The issue was noise. Mezger’s grandkids were too loud in the pool at night so it appears Kathy’s bf Randy Bick called the police. When Kathy asked her BF “whats going on” my conclusion is he not Kathy made the police call.

Mezger yelled profanities at Kathy and threatened her all in front of the police. He now claims “thats not who he is”. I hate this excuse its so transparently stupid. Unless he can claim possession by a demon or multiple personalities it was him.


KBO needs to kick him off the board. I understand Mezger was upset but the way he handled it crossed like a zillion lines.

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