I have had a great week.

My place of employment had their accreditation survey, which was nerve wracking, but we came through great.

I scheduled to get my first tattoo in 2 weeks when my husband's bonus comes in.

I made a fantastic outfit to go dancing in last night. I bought the tenth doctor dress that's made by Her Universe for half off at ThinkGeek. It came in last week, so I painted my knee high Converse that have buckles red and heat set them before going out last night. I also found some dark brown tights to match. I was going to pinstripe them, but didn't have time this week. I got loads of compliments and had a lot of fun.

We went house hunting yesterday. One house has been on the list since we started looking with no pictures. It is the first house going into a neighborhood off of a 4 lane road and, when the road was widened, it was done close enough that one corner is over the build line a couple of feet. After driving by it, we decided to add it to the list to look at yesterday and we put in an offer. There are several other offers, but our is solid and we are trying to decide how much we want to go up to for it. It has a good foundation and isn't on a slope that might cause problems later on. It is unoccupied. The good:it has 3 bedrooms, split, and a kitchen that is not a galley. (We are more likely to find galley kitchens in this area.) Beautiful counter tops and, instead of laminate, there is quality ceramic tile in the bathrooms, entry way and kitchen. It also doesn't set my sinuses off because of mold or mildew. The not great (besides having cars zoom by 8-10 feet from my bedroom): wood paneling in the living room and all the cabinets and decorative fronts on linen closets are dark wood and really ugly kitchen wall paper. Paint through out the house will happen. The carpeting is old and needs replacing. The backyard is fenced with the half near the house with a wood privacy fence and then the rest of the back yard has chain link (and a dog house, who wouldn't want to see their dog from the house? and you have to go outside of the gate in the first fence and walk around to the gate in the chain link fence. That's weird right?). For houses in our lowly price range, this is really good.

I want it. I would appreciate good thoughts geared toward the best thing to happen for us. (I don't even pretend to know what is really best for me. I try to leave that up to the universe.)


A weird aside story about the house hunting. The third house we went to was backed up to a creek and we figured it would have foundation issues, but went to look anyway. It was supposed to be empty, and there was no furniture in it, but when the realtor opened the door, there was a large man laying on the floor in the living room. She said hello and knocked on the door before she could stop herself, but he didn't move. She backed out the door and quietly pulled it shut. She left it unlocked with the key box open and we got the heck out of there. She called the realtors that have it up and the police while we drove to the next house. She couldn't get hold of the realtors at first, but called the schedulers and let them know to cancel any showings for a few hours. The realtors did call her back and said they were sending someone over so she didn't have to go back. I have no idea if the guy was passed out or dead or what. We decided we didn't want that house anyway.