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Keep your fingers crossed for me

So remember that time I was waiting to hear back about a job?

If you don't feel like clicking, I work for a nanny agency and interviewed for a part-time job with a family about a month ago. Since it was through my agency, I expected to hear back from my placement manager either way, but I never did.


Last week I got an email that I was booked for an on-call job this week...for the same family. I felt pretty confused. These people met me, apparently didn't want to offer me the job, and now I was filling in for the person they chose instead of me? You might think a situation like this might come with a phone call or some sort of explanatory email from my manager, but nope. Nothing.

I very rarely see my boss in person, but I knew I'd be seeing her this weekend so I held off on calling to ask what was going on. Yesterday, my manager ended up telling me that the family thought I was "sweet, but quiet" and then their nanny from last summer or something became available, so they decided to stick with her (not someone from the agency). In the past two weeks (and the job is only MWF), she already called in sick once and was 3 hours late another time so they decided to give me a try. She said I'd be with them this week and probably next week and depending on how that goes, I might become their regular nanny.

The family, however, has not made any references to this situation, so I'm still a little skeptical about what is happening. I may be quiet when I first meet someone (even though I was really trying hard not to be*), I am damn good at being punctual and reliable. My last placement lasted 3 years and involved picking up the kid a 2-3 different times during the day, 5 days a week. I think I was late (and less than 10 minutes) 3 times over the 3 years and I called in sick once. Plus, I'm not shy and awkward around kids at all. The interview was just a weird situation (the kids were being CRAZY, jumping on their mom and screaming and wrestling the entire time). I had a lot of fun with the kids today and I think it went well. So maybe I will get this job after all? Keep your fingers crossed for me!

*I am very shy and quiet and I know this is a problem. I've been trying to not be, but it doesn't always work. For example, the night I met my husband, I was REALLY proud of myself for being really outgoing and talkative around him. He later told me that when he met me that night, he thought I was super quiet. And that was me REALLY TRYING. I've gotten better since then, but apparently not enough...

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