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Ken Stabler article good argument why kids and football should not mix

This is a longish article but well worth reading. Its about Ken Stabler a 1970s football legend. He was one of the greats sure Brady is a better thrower but scrambling sheer toughness no one beat Stabler. He was incredible to watch.

This article focuses in on his last decade of life. Where he becomes at times immobilized with head pain, memory losses and confusion. Also still sheer toughness that turns tragic.

Its also about football blindness. Stabler was close to his daughter and grandsons she knew what he went through yet still let her sons play football. Stabler was glad when one did not make the team.


It talks about his female partner and when they met his friend a Hall of Fame player struggling Stabler told his partner that that will be him in a few years.

If this article does not convince parents to say no to their kids wanting to play football nothing will.

Just think of this. With CTE showing up in the most protected player the QB (except for kicker) what is it doing to the tackles, centers, linebackers, running backs. Especially in a day where hits are harder, people run faster thus collisions are harder then it was in the 70s and early 80s when Stabler played.


I would not be too surprised if by end of decade one state does not ban football for high school and under, most definately under 14.

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