"I always imagine a tiger chasing them..."

"I'm sure you can run really fast if you got someone to chase you with a machete"

"Those kenyans, must be in their dna."

"They always place first."

"They have to run village to village. Have to move fast to get there."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Wanna know what it's like to be black? There you fucking go! Your welcome! I am at work. Work! And I have to hear this shit right behind me. Between to co-workers. Who I like working with. Fuck you white people and your fucking obliviousness bullshit. Fuck you. I'm not even going to engage because then it turns into a whole new fucking mess of blaming me and I will get angry and cause a scene and then I'm fucked for ever because they'll act special around me and I'll be further enraged and isolated. So thank you so fucking much for your shit.