So last Christmas my mother got me and Geekboy a Keurig, and it crapped out the day after Christmas this year. I call the company after 20 minutes waiting for customer service, I got a very pleasant young lady who after describing the situation told me no problem they were sending me a brand new one, and I don't even need to send the old one. Hmmm okay that sound too easy.

So I look up the Keurig they are sending, it's their BRAND NEW 2.0 that BTW you can only use K-cup brand coffee in. Because the COFFEPOT has a sensors and a touch screen like its a damn replicator on Star Trek.

I love YouTube , Geekboy has found a billion ways people have hacked and modded their machines. So yeah, don't buy the new Keurig 2.0 until this nonsense is over because I think the eventual backlash will eventually force them to make a 2.0 refillable.