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Kevin O’Leary, best known for having appeared on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, has pulled out of the race to replace Stephen Harper as leader of he Conservative Party of Canada. O’Leary was widely viewed as “Trump Light”.

O’Leary says he dropped out because he had come to the conclusion he could win the party leadership, but couldn’t beat Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in a general election, because he lacks support in Quebec. O’Leary polls badly in Quebec because, despite being from Montreal, he doesn’t speak French fluently.

O’Leary didn’t seem to be taking the campaign very seriously, spending time in the States during the campaign selling his wine on QVC, and blowing off a debate for a trip to Florida. He also wouldn’t commit to leaving Shark Tank if he won the leadership.


People are sceptical about his sudden “I can’t win in Quebec” excuse, since everyone knew he faced an uphill battle there. There is speculation that Trump’s performance in the US is hurting O’Leary’s prospects.

O’Leary has thrown his support behind Maxime Bernier, a Quebec MP best known for having to resign from Stephen Harper’s cabinet for leaving classified documents at his biker-gang involved ex-girlfriend’s house after they broke up.

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