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Kickin’ It with Keto

I think there are a few other folks doing Keto around here, so I thought I would do a post (maybe with regular recurrence?) to chat about the experience and give each other tips/tricks!

I’ve recently started going Keto—I’ve tried the eat healthy and exercise thing several times and it just keeps being a vicious cycle. I work my ass off (only figuratively), nothing happens even after a couple of months, then I relapse into a binge of Dominos and Doritos. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve been doing Keto for 3 weeks and I feel so damn good—I’ve lost 6 pounds, am less bloated, and am even sleeping better! I’m keeping this stuff up—it hasn’t been that hard to keep off cravings either!


I have discovered that I dived in without doing a ton of research, so the first week I did it pretty much wrong. I didn’t realize that pickles might have varying carb levels depending on the brand. I had the misconception that since olives were a good fat they were obviously a great snack! And they are, but they also have carbs! Cauliflower pizza crust basically needs to be homemade—I bought some frozen ones and it turns out one serving has my entire day’s allotment of carbs.

Did you have any surprises when you were going Keto? Encounter any foods with sneaky carbs?

Any phenomenal recipes you want to share? Anything you are actually super stoked about?

I love buffalo wings and am stoked that they have zero carbs in you bake them! I am going to have to be mindful that just because buffalo wings don’t have carbs doesn’t mean they’re a nutritious dinner by themselves, though!

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