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kicking someone while they're down

So an ex contacted me yesterday for some advice of a legal and personal nature. He has been emailing me since with updates on the situation (from the personal aspect) and asking me additional legal questions. It has really been fucking with my head because he was simply awful to me. He broke up with me via a single sentence email after 2 years. He cheated on me. He told me that I was lacking that something that made me loveable. He stopped having sex with me and wouldn't talk about why, but still watched TONS of porn. It was an awful, dark period in my life because he treated me like I had no value, and I believed him.

I spoke to him yesterday because he was freaking out and needed help. It was quite satisfying to be frank with him. But I don't want to talk to him anymore. Ever, actually. I keep fixating on how low and horrible I felt while we were together, and those are feelings I thought I left behind 3 years ago.

I want to tell him this and emphasize that I am not a support system for him and he needs to reach out to someone else about it. I would like to explain why I don't want to be his support system in a way that doesn't kick him while he's down. He is a really selfish, mean person and I think he realizes that without me having to lay it out.


My best girlfriend, who supported me through the relationship and breakup thinks I shouldn't give a fuck about his feelings and I should just bluntly tell him that I can't bring myself to care and lend an ear because he is a horrible person... and because it would be so cathartic, since I never really had the courage or platform to do it before. It's tempting.

Any advice? I feel like I should take a poll!

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