I was reading Gothamist and came across this post. This looks like an amazing project and hopefully all the money needed can be raised.

From the kickstarter page:


For the last 44 years Eric Edwards has amassed one of the most important private collections of African art in the world. Over 2,500 artifacts reside alongside Mr. Edwards in his Brooklyn home. The collection represents all 54 countries of Africa and spans over 4000 years of history.

We are asking for your help to give this important collection a new home— a museum where it can be seen, studied and appreciated by the public. Mr. Edwards believes that the artifacts in addition to their beauty, are therapeutic and possess the power to bring all people together because of the stories they individually tell.

The Cultural Museum of African Art will house the entirety of the Edwards collection, a world class library, and a research and media center. It is our hope that this museum will help introduce future generations of Americans to the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

If someone who has posting privs at the Salad Bowl could share this over there and anywhere in the Kinjaverse where this would be of interest that would be muc appreciated!

*I’m not affiliated with this project—just think it would be worthy of some funding :)