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Kid Develops App to Report Politicians' Donation Sources

16-year-old Nick Rubin developed a browser app that gives a breakdown of campaign contributions (as of 2012), by industry and interest group, for a politician when you hover over his or her name. The photos show what it looks like on my computer, in Chrome. It's really simple, and the goal is to promote transparency, not to out any one person or another - or any one party or another. Really, the goal is to out everyone.


Rubin seems very smart, and very passionate about transparency. He named the app "Greenhouse" because it implies transparency, and green = money (get it?!!).

You can click a link in the pop-up window that appears to get the most recent information, and Rubin says as soon as 2014 information is more complete, he'll be updating.

Way to go, dude! Click here to download.

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