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Kid Fashion Update

Sometimes, the junk that kids think is cool really takes me by surprise. Like the Rainbow Loom — I would never have predicted that a bunch of rowdy boys would happily sit together quietly making bracelets for themselves. In that vein, the latest craze to take me by surprise is Nike Elite socks. Some kind of marketing genius must be responsible — the damn things cost like 15 bucks a pair, which is pretty much the equivalent of printing your own money. I only twigged to their popularity because of my nephew's birthday this week. His dad took him to the Nike store to let him pick out what he wanted, and what he wanted was socks. Suddenly, stuff like him wanting to wear shorts all the time and all these other sock-related comments started making a lot more sense in hindsight. If any of you have or know any elementary or middle school aged boys, they probably want some socks too.


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