So, L'il UrbanAchiever got home on Saturday and we were soooo excited here at the Achieving Household. And then she showed up sickish, complaining of a bad sore throat, wooziness, and she was running a fever.

Strep, says I. Strep throat.

She stayed in bed/on the couch all day Sunday because none of us felt like a trip to the ER. Today I took her in to the doctor.

Yup. Strep throat.

She usually comes home hungry, with bags of laundry and a burning desire to shop/see friends/go to all the movies & restaurants she can't afford at school. This time, she showed up with a suitcase full of clean laundry (?!), no appointments because she wanted to hang out with the Elder Achievers, and strep throat.

It's always a box of surprises, the LUA visits.