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So some of you may remember my husband and I got turned down for adoption, and then for foster care, which I fought, and lost. The only way I could gotten approved was if a close friend or family member was to get approved with us, which wasn't happening. I'm still frustrated, but fine. Thank you for all the suggestions though- support was awesome, bc my family just didn't get it.

At any rate, I went to my neurologist and asked if I could get sterilized and he dropped a bomb on me. I've gotten progressively better. Only a few absent seizures a week since the job change/ medication switch- and his response? We can, but don't you want to have kids?

For the last 15 years I have been told this is impossible. I would not be able to carry to term. Don't even think about it. But I was having 10 seizures a week, and at least 1 grand mal (the worst kind for pregnancy). So my Neuro thinks I'm good to try, if I want- and he's the best in California- so...

My world is upside down. It's like a truth you had always KNOWN about yourself is a lie. I'd have to try this year, bc though I'm good now, he worries about change. He says don't push it and have more than one. We would step off of one of my meds (supervised- which I'm doing, while my husband and I discuss it).

So that's my news. It's so foreign to me. I think I may have a kid. Or try. It's dangerous (high risk, lots of appts & rules for me, but do what you gotta do), but I do wonder if there wasn't a reason why we got turned down for adoption and foster care. It kind of makes that pain ease up a bit. People with epilepsy have kids all the time. My type is a bit harder, but for now it seems to has eased up. Six months from now- I may (prob? Hopefully?) be pregnant. So weird. Also, I will be the WORST pregnant lady ever. My husband knows this. But you get a baby out of it, so that's cool.


I remember there are a few people with epilepsy on here. If you don't mind sharing- do you have kids? How was pregnancy?