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Kid Post: Boast About Your Kids' Triumphs

We've had a pretty tough week or two around here and I've only just put the pieces together. Apparently, SmallBeaver got told by a kid at dance that she's a LIAR WITH PANTS AFIRE when the kid probed the simple question "What grade are you in?" to maximum annoyance, not accepting any of SmallBeaver's scripted answers* and eventually got hit with the Awful Truth. Which (naturally) precipitated a spiral of guilt and shame in SmallBeaver's overly-susceptible-to-outside-influences mind... resulting in many, many days of abject fear of failure and refusal to try/work - because of course ONE PERSON WHO SAYS SHE'S TOO SMALL FOR HER WORK MEANS SHE MUST BE. Sigh. I think it's going to be OK now that I understand the source of the problem, but holy hell it's been ugly around here. The past couple of days have been back to normal, and she's gone to dance with a couple of scribblers in her bag in case she has to do any show-and-tell.

The amount of meticulous de-programming this kid needs is truly astounding sometimes. Have I mentioned that one time a TODDLER told her that "girls don't wear pants", which resulted in almost 4 years of (100% performative) skirts?


That's the long way around to explain why this week in Kid Stories, I would really, really appreciate your stories of FUCKING TRIUMPH.

The stories can be big or small, funny or touching, new or old - and, GO!

*The Evasive Action Script goes like this, and the beauty of it is that plenty of people never need answers past the first line: "Well, we're homeschooling so we skip around a lot. -> I have lots of interests that we explore in depth. -> I really like Math, so I'm pretty far ahead in that. -> Oh, a few years." The Script was explicitly designed with SmallBeaver's input to a) not confuse/alarm people and b) not hurt feelings.

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