Have we had a "Cute Things Our Kids Do" post lately? I can't remember and it's Fridaaaaay.

The Little Bird is five and at her last appointment, the doctor said that she appears to have some speech delays. Also,lthough she CAN sightread small words, she usually refuses to do so and is not really interested in reading or writing. As a librarian and lifelong pleasure reader (I was putting myself to bed every night with a stack of books at her age), not to mention inveterate worrier, I've been stressing about her progress. I'm pretty chill with her reaching milestones at her own pace; it took her a while to 100% wean and to sleep in her own bed, but the second she decided she was ready, BOOM she's there.

But reading, y'all. Like my whole life and career is based on telling people how important books and reading are to forming a lifelong love of learning and here's Little Bird rolling her eyes [I did not think she would pick up THIS skill so early] and saying "I'd rather play video games" when I ask her to pick out a book and come read with me.

I've been coming back to this picture all day to remind myself that my chick will do her own thing at her own pace, and when she's ready she'll blow it out of the fucking water. Last night when I got home from work, she came and sat on my lap with her little magnetic drawing board thingy [if you have kids, GET THESE] and sounded out this sentence as she wrote it. She even explained that it was a short O sound and that Y sometimes makes other sounds.


What have your kids done lately to make you proud? Or your nieces, nephews, pets, etc.