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Hello friends, it's not a great day. SmallBeaver is lying again - she is a natural champion of deceit, and at this point probably needs to commit herself to Truth in a grand way. We talk about Honour ALL THE FUCKING TIME around here since without honour, there is no true success, no true friendship and no true self-worth.

Because at the end of the day, even if you get away with a lie, one person always knows. And that deep-down knowledge will make it impossible to feel good about yourself. How can a person feel good, when they know their achievements and/or relationships are totally baseless?


As far as SmallBeaver goes, she has betrayed my trust, and I have spoken to her about it in those exact terms. She will be fine, and we will get through this.

But in the meantime, I require amusements! Can you tell me about the EGREGIOUS LIES you told as a child, or the kids in your life have tried to get away with?

And... GO!

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