I just got the boy’s summer reading list, and man, it is bleak. Like, every book is about someone dying horribly or almost dying horribly. The only one that’s actually somewhat light involves a scene held during The Rein of Terror during the French Revolution. And not, like, as a thing that’s happening over there. The POV characters have front row seats.

Last year, there were books from Fear Street and YA series that featured teen spies and even comic book recommendations. I feel kind of bad for the boy, but at least he only has to pick two of them to read. We’ll find some more fun ones to balance them out.

The girl (a rising third grader) doesn’t have an official list. The county stance is “Just find something to read that’s kind of appropriate and try to shove that into their schedule.” I figure she’ll finish off her murder cats series and move on to murder dogs or murder bears.

I’m curious, though: What’s on the summer reading lists in your areas? Even if you don’t have kids, you can usually find it via google, since most schools just publish it rather than sending it home to be lost in the paper shuffle.